Vision and Rules


Indie Comix Fest is the celebration and the creation of a dedicated space for self-published comics. These self-published comics can be in any printed format whatsoever and in any language, provided the work is published by the creators themselves. The Indie Comix Fest, organised by a bunch of volunteers on a non-profit basis, hopes to bring artist and reader together to share and showcase comics as a genuine form of popular cultural expression.

More comics! Better comics! Affordable comics!


  1. Indie Comix Fest offers a space to all independent comic book creators to sell their self-published creations. The goal is to encourage maximum creative expression in comics with the minimum of rules while abiding with existing laws. The spirit is one of celebrating creative self-expression in comics. Entry is free for visitors. 
  2. Every participant must have at least one comic in any language that they have created and published themselves.
  3. Paper-based merchandise such posters, postcards, prints of original art, and original art are acceptable, but selling merchandise such as mugs and T-shirts is not permitted. Any merchandise on sale must be creator-owned, related to your comic/comics and paper-based. No comic or merchandise owned by any other creator or publishing house is permitted unless it is parody in the form of criticism, satire, and review. (Section 52 Indian Copyright Act)
  4. Text-only content is permitted if it has to do with comics history or comics theory.
  5. The participants must own full rights to their works. They must not be work-for-hire or published by other publishers. 
  6. The prices of the works must be clearly displayed on your table.
  7. Indie Comix Fest does not claim any ownership or responsibility over the contents created by participants.
  8. There is no restriction on content as long as participants agree to follow the spirit of the festival.
  9. Content meant only for adults (age 18+) must be indicated clearly on the covers of the works.
  10. Every participant must donate at least ONE comic of the Fest’s choice to Indie Comix Fest Archive as part of their exhibitor’s fee.
  11. Indie Comix Fest organisers will disqualify participants who do not abide by the above criteria. Final selection rests with Indie Comix Fest organisers.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the fests. Write to